Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An afternoon at the park

My little Monkey's favorite thing to do is walk to the park.
Well more like get pushed in the stroller so Mommy can get excersise.
It is a wonderful park with huge grass fields.
They love to swing, slide like otters down the slide and play "My stick"
"My stick" is a game Brayden started. 
You find a big stick, run around with it and yell "My stick!!"
They love when Aaron runs around with them waving their sticks high.
Brooke's game is Dinosaurs.
They run around rawr-ing and screeching.
I love sitting in the grass watching my two, I mean three monkeys play!
 Sliding like otters
Brayden loves this white sprinkler head that sticks out of the ground. Except every time he sees it he tries to put his mouth on it.
Aaron was trying to take our girl's picture. See Bubba running towards us.
His first fist-full of smashed flowers for Momma!
Brooke loves to swing as high as she can go! She has fallen off twice but gets right back on

We run them until they are so tired they beg to get in the stroller and go home. 
After bath time they crawl right into their beds, cuddle with their lovies and go right to sleep.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Quick Update!

It has been ages since I wanted to sit down and write a blog. 
If I get extra free time I use it to crawl into bed and watch something on Netflix. 
I took 3 online college classes this semester and really enjoyed it. 
It gave me something productive to do, that isn't baby involved, when I had free time. 
I loved being able to escape diapers, teething, fighting, screaming, naughtiness, terrible two's and wrap my mind around adult topics.
I stopped watching the little girl I had been watching. 
With the pregnancy and my own two kids I was starting to feel overwhelmed.
She was a very high maintenance baby with a very under-involved mother.
I didn't want to let the mom down as she was going through a very hard time but I started praying the Lord would let me go back to being a plain stay at home Mommy with NO daycare.
I have decided I will never Nanny or daycare again.
Babysit for friends or family? Yes.
But never again will I take on the responsibility of raising someone else's child.
When I was single it was a joy because I could love on babies that needed it.
As a Mom with my own two precious babies I felt they weren't getting my full attention. 
So, as always, the Lord heard my prayer and worked out the details perfectly. 
I am a free Momma with time for the kids, school, ME, and my hubby! 
It has been wonderful. 
With all the freedom my nesting stage hit full force.
My hospital bag is all packed.
Miss Cupcake's clothes are all washed, folded and in her little dresser. 
I have organized, cleaned, organized some more and cleaned some more.
Made a trip to Ikea and got some very necessary organizing accessories and dark curtains for my bedroom.
My room now feels cozy, dark, clean and ready for a newborn.
My walls are still covered in color crayon and pen murals but that is one project I have NO energy to take on. And I think they are the walls you can't really wash but rather re-paint.
I had planted beautiful flowers in the holes where our  not so lovely dog dug up but my two lovely children promptly  "picked" them so my gardens are once again empty.
Oh yes, we did get rid of our dog Bella.
We decided we are not dog people.
Thought we were, but found out we are baby/kid people.
It has been a wonderful relief not to have her whining, digging, smelling, pooping and all those other horrid things dogs do.
My pregnancy has been very uneventful which is a good sign!
I am very uncomfortable though. 
I am 34 weeks tomorrow and literally feel like I did when I was 39 weeks with Brayden.
She is very low and head down. 
Her kicking went from insane to very little which is very strange for me.
She has been my most active baby so I sorta of miss her craziness but at the same time it has been a nice relief to not feel sea sick from her flipping rolling and poking.
Her occasional jabs hurt though which is also a new thing. I have never had a kick or elbow hurt but these hurt!
I have Braxton hicks daily and have had two instances where I had real contractions and thought labor was going to start. 
I am hoping that makes labor shorter when real labor does hit.
My due date is still July 7th but the baby is and has been measuring end of June.
I am trying not to get my hopes up but am secretly praying for a June entrance. 
It is isn't realistic as my last period isn't known and I have been known to have periods in the first months of pregnancy.
We will just have to see! 
It is getting really discouraging though to feel so miserable, have so many contractions and constant pressure and know this could go on for several more weeks.
Pray for a patience and or comfort! 
I had been sleeping really well for a long time but in the last week I can't sleep at all. 
I am also an emotional wreck. Feels like PMS... 
But I am happy.
Very happy.
I will update about the kids soon.
They are the best.
Family is coming to visit next month and I get my first baby shower. 
I have such a blessed life.