Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Family luvins

Daddy's little girl

Mommy's little girl

Big sister loves

Brayden was feeling left out while we were taking pictures with Brookelyn. He was a little fussy but all of a sudden got quiet. We went out to see that he had snatched Brooke's "DeDe" and "Taggie" and was sucking away contently.

"How dare you disturb me! Finders Keepers!"

All in a day of Brookelyn

Brookelyn's newest accomplishment...getting herself dressed! She was very crabby on the particular morning but very proud of what she was wearing. Underneath the yellow shirt are two more dresses and a pair of leggings under the pink sweats!

Of course a couple hours later she had to change into this ensemble. Accessorizing with the hat and handbag.

Her next outfit was little brother's diaper. Either Bubba is a tank or Brooke is really petite.

She found Daddy's headset and pretending to talk to people. Notice the new shirt...

Of course no bath is complete without unrolling the whole roll of toilet paper into the water. The drain was clogged for two days...

This little face...

Yumm-Yumm Time!

My little ChubbaBubba started eating cereal!

As you can tell he was very excited!! Had a little trouble getting used to the spoon but he gobbled down all the cereal!

I tried sweet potatoes but he wasn't too sure about those..

He got his two bottom teeth in so his new favorite thing to do is go to town on his biter biscuits! Makes a HUGE mess but it keeps him busy for a while.

Brookelyn's new word is peanut butter cookie.. But its sounds more like "bow teetees" Makes us laugh every time she tries to say it!!

How to make a Brookelyn salad

Layer spinach neatly in a clean glass dish.
Sprinkle generously with cheese.

Pat down firmly.

Gently lay fresh raspberries atop the bed of cheese and spinach.

Sneak a few raspberries..

and Voila! you have yourself a salad

Of course she made a huge mess, BUT she ate spinach!! I left it on the table for her because she was so proud of it and kept coming back to snack on it. By the end of the day almost all the spinach was gone!

Christmas Spirit

A kind Friend gently urged me to update my blog.. she was afraid if I didn't, the next time I would post the kids would be teenagers! I didn't realize how long it had been.. oops! I will post a few new ones and try my best to post more often :)
We have been enjoying the very sunny December weather but I must admit it really doesn't feel like Christmas with no snow! BUT I hate real snow so I made some 'fake snow' to help get me in the holiday spirit. I also wanted to decorate on a budget so I went to the dollar store, spent $10 dollars and got creative! I already had some lights from my mom, and a little tree. This is a little of what I came up with...

And of course the beautiful little tree that my Momma made for me! I added some red balls to tie in all the colors..

I couldn't really get a good picture  but I made paper snowflakes and hung them by gold ribbon down the walls, all around the room.
Aaron came home from class, saw the decorations and said, "Now it feels like Christmas!"