Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I'm back!!

 Blogging has been ignored because I 'haven't had time'. 
But in the past week I have deleted Facebook and desired to create more meaningful ways to document our crazy days or adventures. In my mind a blog is supposed to be long and well thought out. But short Facebook posts are impersonal and don't always reach the people that really care about or life. 
So! I am going to try doing short update blogs with a photo or two often. My phone has a sweet blogger app that should make this easy. 
If you haven't heard, we moved to Minnesota!! 
We had thought the Lord was clearly calling us to go back into the Navy and all signs pointed towards that. It was a two year journey that we continually kept going to the Lord and asking for His plan to prevail. Just when we thought we were getting our yes and we were moving on in life, our world was rocked with a loud and clear NO. We were shocked and devastated. For a day. In that day every stage of grief was explored. We woke up the next morning excited and extremely expectant that God had MUST have a better plan or way that we weren't seeing. We started praying for a clear direction and answer. We needed a change and needed to feel settled. 
We buckled down and waited expectantly for our answer. Within weeks it was clear that our family was going to Minnesota! Every single detail started coming together one day at a time. I was elated as I have had an extremely rough year of depression and hormone issues to be going back to my home. However each day was a struggle to make it through. I literally had to tell myself minute by minute day by day. Blocking out all worry of tomorrow. God showed up in my broke as and brought people to love on me and help me pack. The packing often got ignored to go hang out with my friends I had made and soak up any last time WA adventures. But it all got done and we packed up our truck and headed off. I was one step away from a nervous breakdown but as soon as we pulled into our new home my heart was flooded with a peace. I felt at home! For the first time in years. 
And then I was overwhelmed with thankfulness because my heart and body was craving a peaceful place to be with my kids and husband. God knew that and led me right to where I needed to be. 

A week later I made another huge step and put Brooke into school. I had to lay my fears and worries before the Lord because I knew school was the best thing for her. I had so many doubts and voices in my head but again God opened doors, sent confirmation in form of conversation with people and made clear the way. Her first day was filled with excitement and I didn't even shed one tear. She is thriving and my heart is thrilled to see her joy. 
I kept Brayden at home and he and I are doing school. He is also thriving with the one on one attention and soaks up all I teach him. 

I just realized my pictures are all on my other phone!! I will have to post another blog with pictures. 

Off to take a nap, or try to anyway.