Monday, September 28, 2009

Too Tired to Think...

  Growing up I frequently heard my mom use phrases such as : "Go to bed Mommy is too tired to be nice anymore" , "I am too tired to eat" , "Go work it out for yourself, Mommy is too tired to be referee", Stop whining I am too tired to listen" and the most famous line,
 "I am too tired to think"
I never really understood what she meant by any of these sayings and just kind of blew it off.         The other night I was laying in bed completely stressed about everything that needed to be done and I  kept saying, "I am too tired to clean, cook or do laundry!" and then came the famous line, "I am too tired to even think!" Aaron started laughing and told me I sounded just like my mother! But now I totaly get what she meant!!!  Lack of sleep from getting up with a 3 month old makes for very difficult days of dealing with a hyper toddler, keeping a  big house clean, making healthy meals, getting the laundry done, going running to loose all the weight I gained from having children and taking naps to gain back the sleep loss. It is a never ending whirlwind! Once I get the house clean, I realize the laundry needs to get washed, then FOLDED and not just thrown back into the hamper. After I get the laundry done the house is a little bit messy because in order to the laundry Brookelyn had to entertain herself, which meant take all the toys out of her room to play in the living room. The toys get left out for Daddy to pick up because Mommy is too tired and dinner has to be made. I work really hard to make a healthy meal but while cooking Brookelyn goes outside and brings in her version of soup, which is really dirt, so now my once clean floors and toddler are filthy. I stop cooking to give Brookelyn a bath and while giving a bath have to change the baby. All the supplies for changing Bubbs get left out to go and get Brookelyn out of the tub and dressed. The bath stuff gets left as I  hurry and go make sure dinner is getting burned. Daddy gets home, we eat dinner and I realize all the trails I left that need to be cleaned. I start cleaning, AGAIN, but the baby needs to be fed, then Brooke needs to go to bed. Once both babies are down for the night I finally breath a sigh of relief which is quickly turned into a gasp as I look at my once perfectly clean house. In a matter of hours it looks like a tornado has hit it. But by now this momma is  too tired to even think about cleaning so I sit on the couch and complain about being too tired. Sigh. I am just tired talking about how tiring it is to balance everything!! Hopefully someday soon I will figure it out and Aaron can come home to clean babies, clean house, laundry done and dinner on the table! For now I am content playing with the babies and letting the tornado happen.
I am happy to say though I finally got the house clean enough to take pictures!!!! I have been trying ever since we moved in which was about, hmm.. two months ago? Aaron helped me slave away and these were the results... Oh and the countdown has begun how long it will last!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Brookelyn's 2nd Birthday!

Two years have already passed since we welcomed our beautiful Brookelyn Grace into this world. Holding my own baby girl for the very first time was one of the happiest moments in my life! She was very unexpected and the nine months brought many tears, prayers and trials. The Lord did a miraculous work in my life as well as Aaron's used that baby to bring us back to Himself.  The Grace that He showed us even when we weren't turning to Him amazed me. Without His grace our lives would be empty and meaningless. I chose the middle name Grace to constantly remind me to turn to Him and that His Grace is sufficient for thee.  

These two years have been a whirlwind of craziness!!! Our darling little girl has enough energy to keep both Mommy and Daddy running after her all day! The house is never clean. I will spend  hours cleaning and organizing after she goes to bed so I can start my day off with a clean house.. In a matter of half an hour after she wakes up this is what you can expect my house to look like.

I wanted to take cute birthday pictures of her but she couldnt sit still for more than 30 seconds so this was as good as I could get.

After messing up the house, coloring on the wall, putting stickers all over herself, myself and Brayden, she decided she needed a new outfit on...

                                   Kinda cute that she picked out the birthday shirt!!!! 
We thought the highlight of the day would be to let her have icecream cake because she never gets sugar. Every once in a while she will get some bites of frozen yogurt when we go out to our favorite 'fro-yo' place... But mostly her sugar fixes come from fruit or  a sippy of juice. (Which is actually mostly water but shhh don't tell her that!) To our surprise she ate 3 bites and told us she was done!!!!! Oh well, the frosting on that cake was so nasty looking and dyed our fingers blue for two days.

After a busy day of being the special birthday girl she cuddled with her favorite brother! She is very good to him. Sometime she is a little rough with him and he has been known to have scratch marks all over his head or bite marks on his arm but for the most part all she is trying to do is show him how much she loves him!

                        "Nukies, Taggies, NighNighs!" is the saying around the house when it is time for the babies to go to sleep. Brookelyn  loves the tag on her blanket and calls it her Taggie. Brayden also has to have a blankie covering his face when he sleeps!! Takes after his big sister already.

Being a Mommy to Brookelyn is so rewarding even though she makes me want to pull my hair out! I can't imgaine life without her... I want her to always stay my little baby but I look forward to seeing her grow into a young lady!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Adventures with "Melmo"

Tickle Me Elmo has been a source of entertainment to the Peltier family for a while..  Bethany received one for Christmas one year and that crazy red monster had us all rolling on the floor laughing!  Well, Grandma Joy decided to follow the tradition and bought one for Brookelyn last year for Christmas. Brookelyn didn't know what to think about this crazy toy that made obnoxious noise, and would either cry, or run away! If know me, you know I can not handle noisy toys, so the monster went into a closet for the peace and sanity of the family. Well this furry creature was recently re-discoverd by Brookelyn when we unpacked all her toys and she was so thrilled to find him! She was in her stage of watching "Elmo Potty Time" at least two or three times a day, so to find "Melmo" in her room was a moment of great excitement! From that moment she had a new best friend. We will randomly walk by her room and see the two sitting at her table conversing over a bowl of soup, or perhaps the always favorite toilet-paper accompaniment that pretty much goes on everything she makes.
When we give her "doh-dohs" (crackers) to eat, Melmo gets a mouthful of "doh-dohs" as well.
                           Melmo then got pushed around the house in his "woah-wer" (stroller)
                          The scruffy pair then went for a walk to play outside..
                                                  Oh look! My soccer ball.. let's play!
                                                           Melmo being goalie
Helping Melmo kick the ball

Ok, lets play in the net and see how stuck we can get!

hmmmm.... I am bored with soccer, Melmo, what should we do next?

I know, how about I take your picture!

Time for nigh-nigh, Melmo! "wuh-woo" (Love you)

Toes In The Water

Hey yall and yee haw!

Welcome to the very first posting of my blog! This is a rather daunting task that is before me because I have never attempted anything quite like this before. I suppose the main reason that I decided to write this down for you to see what new things are happening in our lives, is because frankly I am getting too old to remember a lot of what has happened over the last few months since Brayden was born, and as a result, I needed a place where I could recollect things happened in the past. When you have small children, particularly a 2 year old who is so active she would make the energizer bunny go into retirement, things seem to get rather blurry over time because in-between cooking, cleaning, nurturing a 3 month-old and tending to Brooke, my head is spinning!

Over the course of the next few weeks I plan on adding many new photos of our little family and our new life in California, as well as updates on the two little ones and our favorite daddy at school! I must mention that he is excited to be in school, and he is very content with his decision to leave the military. We love him being at home with us every day and even live with the fact he practically doesn't exist when he is watching his beloved Vikings play football. We have also found a church about 15 minutes away in Costa Mesa, which also happens to be the same town Aaron goes to school in. It is called Rock Harbor and we really enjoy the sermon and the way it makes us think about what we are doing in our lives, what we are on earth for, and ultimately the sacrifice that God made by allowing His son to be crucified for our sins.

That is about all the time I have for right now, it is time to head off to my favorite store, Target, and pick up some supplies. Until next time...