Monday, September 14, 2009

Adventures with "Melmo"

Tickle Me Elmo has been a source of entertainment to the Peltier family for a while..  Bethany received one for Christmas one year and that crazy red monster had us all rolling on the floor laughing!  Well, Grandma Joy decided to follow the tradition and bought one for Brookelyn last year for Christmas. Brookelyn didn't know what to think about this crazy toy that made obnoxious noise, and would either cry, or run away! If know me, you know I can not handle noisy toys, so the monster went into a closet for the peace and sanity of the family. Well this furry creature was recently re-discoverd by Brookelyn when we unpacked all her toys and she was so thrilled to find him! She was in her stage of watching "Elmo Potty Time" at least two or three times a day, so to find "Melmo" in her room was a moment of great excitement! From that moment she had a new best friend. We will randomly walk by her room and see the two sitting at her table conversing over a bowl of soup, or perhaps the always favorite toilet-paper accompaniment that pretty much goes on everything she makes.
When we give her "doh-dohs" (crackers) to eat, Melmo gets a mouthful of "doh-dohs" as well.
                           Melmo then got pushed around the house in his "woah-wer" (stroller)
                          The scruffy pair then went for a walk to play outside..
                                                  Oh look! My soccer ball.. let's play!
                                                           Melmo being goalie
Helping Melmo kick the ball

Ok, lets play in the net and see how stuck we can get!

hmmmm.... I am bored with soccer, Melmo, what should we do next?

I know, how about I take your picture!

Time for nigh-nigh, Melmo! "wuh-woo" (Love you)

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