Monday, September 14, 2009

Toes In The Water

Hey yall and yee haw!

Welcome to the very first posting of my blog! This is a rather daunting task that is before me because I have never attempted anything quite like this before. I suppose the main reason that I decided to write this down for you to see what new things are happening in our lives, is because frankly I am getting too old to remember a lot of what has happened over the last few months since Brayden was born, and as a result, I needed a place where I could recollect things happened in the past. When you have small children, particularly a 2 year old who is so active she would make the energizer bunny go into retirement, things seem to get rather blurry over time because in-between cooking, cleaning, nurturing a 3 month-old and tending to Brooke, my head is spinning!

Over the course of the next few weeks I plan on adding many new photos of our little family and our new life in California, as well as updates on the two little ones and our favorite daddy at school! I must mention that he is excited to be in school, and he is very content with his decision to leave the military. We love him being at home with us every day and even live with the fact he practically doesn't exist when he is watching his beloved Vikings play football. We have also found a church about 15 minutes away in Costa Mesa, which also happens to be the same town Aaron goes to school in. It is called Rock Harbor and we really enjoy the sermon and the way it makes us think about what we are doing in our lives, what we are on earth for, and ultimately the sacrifice that God made by allowing His son to be crucified for our sins.

That is about all the time I have for right now, it is time to head off to my favorite store, Target, and pick up some supplies. Until next time...

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