Monday, September 28, 2009

Too Tired to Think...

  Growing up I frequently heard my mom use phrases such as : "Go to bed Mommy is too tired to be nice anymore" , "I am too tired to eat" , "Go work it out for yourself, Mommy is too tired to be referee", Stop whining I am too tired to listen" and the most famous line,
 "I am too tired to think"
I never really understood what she meant by any of these sayings and just kind of blew it off.         The other night I was laying in bed completely stressed about everything that needed to be done and I  kept saying, "I am too tired to clean, cook or do laundry!" and then came the famous line, "I am too tired to even think!" Aaron started laughing and told me I sounded just like my mother! But now I totaly get what she meant!!!  Lack of sleep from getting up with a 3 month old makes for very difficult days of dealing with a hyper toddler, keeping a  big house clean, making healthy meals, getting the laundry done, going running to loose all the weight I gained from having children and taking naps to gain back the sleep loss. It is a never ending whirlwind! Once I get the house clean, I realize the laundry needs to get washed, then FOLDED and not just thrown back into the hamper. After I get the laundry done the house is a little bit messy because in order to the laundry Brookelyn had to entertain herself, which meant take all the toys out of her room to play in the living room. The toys get left out for Daddy to pick up because Mommy is too tired and dinner has to be made. I work really hard to make a healthy meal but while cooking Brookelyn goes outside and brings in her version of soup, which is really dirt, so now my once clean floors and toddler are filthy. I stop cooking to give Brookelyn a bath and while giving a bath have to change the baby. All the supplies for changing Bubbs get left out to go and get Brookelyn out of the tub and dressed. The bath stuff gets left as I  hurry and go make sure dinner is getting burned. Daddy gets home, we eat dinner and I realize all the trails I left that need to be cleaned. I start cleaning, AGAIN, but the baby needs to be fed, then Brooke needs to go to bed. Once both babies are down for the night I finally breath a sigh of relief which is quickly turned into a gasp as I look at my once perfectly clean house. In a matter of hours it looks like a tornado has hit it. But by now this momma is  too tired to even think about cleaning so I sit on the couch and complain about being too tired. Sigh. I am just tired talking about how tiring it is to balance everything!! Hopefully someday soon I will figure it out and Aaron can come home to clean babies, clean house, laundry done and dinner on the table! For now I am content playing with the babies and letting the tornado happen.
I am happy to say though I finally got the house clean enough to take pictures!!!! I have been trying ever since we moved in which was about, hmm.. two months ago? Aaron helped me slave away and these were the results... Oh and the countdown has begun how long it will last!

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