Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall...wait.. where is the cold weather??

  It has been a crazy adjustment getting used to this weather in October! I am used to pulling the North Face and jeans out of the closet and putting away all the summer clothes. Now we are planning what days to go to the beach, realizing we need to buy more summer clothes and loving the fact we won't have to shovel snow!!!!!! There have been a few "chilly" days where we bundled up... it was 55-60s and if you were in the sun, a sweatshirt and jeans made it too hot! With fall being this horrible, we are really dreading what winter will bring ;)
We also have a new addition to the family.. a new camera!!!  It captures the most beautiful pictures of the kids! It also is fast enough to capture Brookelyn, which you have to be Speedy Gonzales to keep up with her!! We are still learning how to use it and will probably take a photography class to really learn the full potential of the camera.  Even with a small knowledge, we have been able to capture some amazing pictures of the kids!! It is SUPER hard to pick just a few photos to put on this blog because I think my kids are THE CUTEST ever but I finally managed to narrow it down to my favorites..

These two photos really capture the kid's personalities. Brayden is calm, content and very happy!! He always has that sweet look on his face and then it breaks into the biggest smile when you start talking to him or kiss him. Brookelyn is mischievous, adventurous, talkative, monster and sweetheart all wrapped up into one little package. One minute you are frustrated with her for being so naughty and the next you want to just squeeze and smother her with kisses because she is so adorable in the way she looks and acts!! It is an amazing  honor to watch theses beautiful children grow into their own person.  Everyday there is a new thrill, heartbreak, emotion or experience. We pray that we can show them Jesus and the wonderful life He offers! It feels overwhelming at time to know that we are responsible for these little souls but with the Lord's help we will make it. Thank the Lord for grace!!! We sure need it....

Aaron is settling into the college life. He is gladly trading standing watches, ships, uniforms, inspections, under-ways and duty days for  homework, class, tests and quizzes! Being around home alot more has been wonderful!!!!!!! Brookelyn loves her daddy and is definitely a Daddy's girl!!! He has to lock himself in a room to study because as soon as he leaves a room she chases him down and climbs in his lap :)

I am working on getting a day-care set up! The process is complicated but not impossible... It will be nice to be able to stay home with my kiddos yet help provide for the family so Aaron can focus on school. I found a mom's group through our new church and love it!! The Lord is teaching me a lot about being a good wife, mother and testimony to those around me. It is also so nice to finally be able to talk "mommy talk" with other moms! Aaron is wonderful at listening to me but I think he would rather talk football than hear me ramble about stuff ;)

Speaking of football I have finally got the football fever! I don't really have a choice as the weekends in the Rolandson house are devoted to football but I couldn't fight it forever and it is better to just join him in the fun and start caring. Which now I am caring too much!!  Five letters sums it up... FAVRE!!!

ok some more pictures of my beautiful Gift's from God!!

Doesn't Bubbs look just like his Daddy??? My dream was to have a little boy that looks exactly like my Love and I got him!!! I hope he gets Aaron's dimples...
Thats all for now!! Hopefully it won't be weeks before I blog again..


gracemelinda said...

i miss you guys so much! little bubba has the spitten image of his dad. :)
Can't wait for Christmas, we are praying for a very warm December in Cali so we can go to the beach.
Give the family my love!

MommaMindy said...

I am just so happy that you are happy. I am blessed that you are blessed. I love it that you are in love and love. That's all a Mom prays for for her kids! I love you! Miss the kids. So thankful you post pics.