Monday, October 25, 2010

Tu-Tu's, Kitchens and Carnivals

This past weekend I packed up the kids and drove down to Coronado to visit my friend who's hubby is still in the Navy. She has a one year old as well so we thought it would be a fun playdate.
And I LOVE where she lives.
Coronado is a little island right next to San Diego and there is a huge military base there.
That is where Aaron actually spent alot of his time in the Navy and our first dates were in Coronado.
The base was putting on a Fall festival so we loaded the kids in strollers and walked over.
Brookelyn went crazy!
There were ponies, a mini ferris wheel, a merry go round, a bouncy house and many more fun things.
Of course I had no camera so you will just have to picture her riding a pony for the first time but signing 'all done' the whole time.
She hated the merry go round because it jerked and there was nothing to hang on to.
She loved the cotton candy.
And she loved the clowns that painted her face.
They also had this fluffy bunny named Coco that she was thrilled to be able to pet. 
There was a table with caramel apples and everytime she walked by the lady handed her one.
WHO gives a 3 year old a huge apple without asking the mother??? 
I had 3 by the end of the night...

I don't think she realized it was a carnival celebrating Halloween. 
There were no decorations excepts some cute scarecrows and hay bales.
All she saw was little girls dressed up like bumble bees, princesses or fairies.
She happened to be wearing HUGE tutu that my friend let her borrow so I was alittle worried I was confusing her.
But someone made a comment about trick or treating and she stomped her foot and said, 
"No!! We don't like trick or treating. Its icky."
I think we got our point across!!

She was very sad when she had to take it off and leave it so I thought to myself I better get one for her.
But cheapskate me, I refuse to pay $30 or more dollars for one,
So I went to good ol Walmart
I found tulle for $.99 a yard! 
I looked on a pattern and figure out how much I needed so I decided I could splurge and get another color that was $2 a yard.
After some pretty ribbon I spent a total of $10!
*note to other cheapskate moms- bare necessities I could have made it for less
I went home and took her old tu-tu (our wonderful neighbor lady had brought over bags of name brand clothes cuz her little girl had out grown them and Brooke's favorite article was a pink tutu. She literally wore it to shreds.)
I cut off the tatters and re-used the elastic band (you could even use an old pair of underwear elastic)
to make this
I also took an old headband she had and added more ribbon to match.
She was THRILLED!!!!
She wears it non stop.
Even to the park.
Its a good thing I didn't spend alot of money or else I would cringe every time it gets dirty.

Well on top of my exciting tu-tu find, I was driving home from Walmart when out of the corner of my eye I saw a garage sale with a little play kitchen.
I whipped my car around as fast as a I could and almost ran over to the lady and asked how much.
I was cringing because around here people ask way too much money for stuff because they pay way too much.
Her answer?
I said give me 5 seconds to call my hubby and make sure I can spend the money.
Right as I am calling another lady walks over and starts trying to barter for it.
I got really nervous but Aaron said yes and the garage sale lady said first come first serve so it was mine!
And I know it was the Lord because I never carry cash but that day I happened to have it and I had just been to the bank and almost put it in my account but for some reason my heart told me no.
If THAT wasn't enough she had boxes of play food and dishes.
I filled a trash bag she said make me on offer.
I HATE being rude so I asked if I could have it all for 45.
She said yes!
Aaron and I had been looking at them for the kids and decided they were too much money.
I didn't even ask the Lord and yet He KNEW what I wanted and gave it to us anyway.
I called my Mom ecstatic.
She instantly brought to mind the story in Genesis 22 when God is first called Jehovah Jireh or The Lord will Provide.
Abraham has been instructed to kill his son. 
Abraham had faith in God and even told His son that God himself will provide a lamb.
A lamb was provided and Isaacs life spared. 
Now, a kitchen is trivial in comparison but God does things in our life to bring us close to Him,
so we look at those big or small things, 
and the only thing we can do is give Him ALL the glory.
Don't you think that every time Abraham looked at a ram, he was reminded how God provided
 and then worshiped Jehovah Jireh?
Every time I look at the kitchen it is a small reminder that our Lord God takes care of us and provides my every want or need. 
He knows whats in my heart even before I ask or say it.
If this little kitchen brings me to my knees in awe and full of worship, can you imagine how Abraham felt?

You are holy, great and mighty
The moon and the stars declare who You are
I'm so unworthy, but still You love me
Forever my heart will sing of how great You are

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wings Brookelyn style and coffee Mommy style

Ahhh... Naptime. My favorite time of day. 
Brayden has been really cranky due to eye teeth coming in and Brooke always has an attitude.
They must lay in bed at night, conspire a plan to wake up as early as possible to make Mommy as cranky as possible.
I am NOT NOT NOT a morning person.  
Naptime is when I am finally alert, awake, full of coffee and ready to take on the day.
So in my alertness I am going to blog :)

Brooke loves to help cook. It has been hard for me to learn to let a 3 year old help.
I am a control freak and somewhat a perfectionist so trying to allow her freedom to make a mess is very difficult for me.
But I am trying.
She eats everything if I let her help.
I'm talking everything.
Picky eater? 
Get them involved with making their food. 
I was making wings for Sunday football and Brooke wanted to help.
She licked the spoon after every stir. 
(Didn't tell my company that small detail)
Then she decided to let Bella lick her fingers after every stir.
I made her stop after that because no one wants dog spit on their wings.

Despite every wing either being touched or chomped on they turned out 
pretty finger lickin' good!

On a sadder note... 
My espresso machine broke AGAIN.
3rd one in less then a year.
And I thought by buying the more expensive one I would be fine.
Maybe I make too much coffee to keep up with those machines...
I was so frustrated because when I called the company they said I needed to pay $15 (again) so they could ship me a new one.
I thought about it and added it up.
I bought the machine for $99.
That one broke so add 15 to get another one.
That one broke so add another 15.
If I kept going at this pace my $99 dollar machine could turn into a couple hundred dollar machine! 

I decided I needed a different approach to making my fresh roasted coffee.
I brainstormed.
And then it hit me.
How do the Italians make their own personal coffee??
With this GENIUS little moka pot.
It was around $30 at Bed Bath and Beyond.
No machine parts. No electric cord. Plain, Simple and has the potential to have a very long life!

 Wondering how it works?
You put water in the bottom part.
(If you enjoy having a thick crema you can add a little sugar into the water.)
Then there is this little funnel filter that you put the grounds in and it fits into the bottom part.
You screw the top and bottom together and put it on your stove.
After a few minutes the water starts boiling and passing thru the coffee
so it looks like this in the top part.
Perfectly made espresso ready to do with as you please.

I add a little milk so its more latte but you could drink it straight, add water to make an americano or froth your own milk for cappuccino. 
I HIGHLY recommend getting one of these if you enjoy espresso.
There are no parts that could break (unless you drop it)
and its really easy to wash and take apart.
The coffee doesn't come out tasting like plastic or dirty pipes like when you use an espresso machine.

Coffee/playdate anyone??