Saturday, November 14, 2009

A cup of tea with some peace and quiet...

This is my second favorite time of the day. Both the babies are snuggled warmly in their beds, dreaming of how to make mommy crazy the next day, sucking on their nukies and clutching their taggies. Now I can relax with my stress relief tea and no interruptions! Well, unless someone wakes up in a confused stupor , naked, blanket-less and mumbling for her "De-De". But for the next few moments I will enjoy the peace and update you all on our family.
I have decided blogging stresses me out. I read everyone else's and mine seem to fall short. I am not the most creative writer and alot of times Aaron will come in and help me write the whole thing because I suffer from a severe disease called Writer's Block. While everyone else's may be stories told in very clever and creative ways, I have decided I am just going to stop stressing and just use this as a journal. If you are reading this you truly care about my family so you will forgive my lack of creativity and lack of story telling abilities. :)

Brookelyn seems to think that if she closes her eyes, we can't see her!!!!!! She loves getting herself a snack from the fridge which is a BIG no-no. Here its yogurt with cereal, and when she heard me coming down the hallway she closed her eyes real tight so she would magically disappear and I wouldn't see the awful mess she made! Late at night when Aaron and I are watching a movie or doing homework, this little ghost wanders down our hallway trying to skip out of going to bed. That little ghost turns out to be a Brooketrout hiding under her blankie of invisibility :)  

 She also loves to sneak into the office whenever she can and try to play with Daddy's computer. We caught her this day and when we walked in and asked what she was doing she, in a very serious voice, said she was emailing Grandma! It was one of those moments you are very upset at her but can't help laughing because it was the cutest thing! So while warning her not to touch anything Aaron ran and got the camera so we could capture the moment. I took her outside the other day to put my new camera to good use. The sun was at a perfect position and after many bribes and cookies I got a few really good ones! This one is my favorite. Her hair is so long and gorgeous! My little doll face :)

We are trying to get her off of her nukie and taggie but it is a difficult struggle! Taking away a child's most precious possession is a heartbreaking process for both sides. I wanted this picture to look back on because someday we will forget how precious these two items were for her!

Brayden is my little Bubbs!! He looks exactly like his daddy and has a smile that melts your heart. (Just like his Daddy) He only whines when he in hungry or tired or poopy. Very easy to have around and so content! It is hilarious thought when he does cry hard. He has a high pitch girl scream that sounds like a little whining puppy. It is impossible not to start laughing when you hear him howl!! Here is his sad little poochie lip...

He is getting very active and aware of his surroundings. He will roll from tummy to back and then back to tummy when he feels like it. I can't leave him on the couch anymore! He loves toys and attacks them aggressively as he tries to chomp them to pieces. He is a slobby drool face as well. Must be working on some teeth in there! He will smile and giggle as soon as you look at him! He also love to watch his big sister run around and play. I think that is his favorite activity... he will watch

her for the longest time following her every move! He giggles when she giggles and coos back to her when she tries to talk to him! It is so special to see this bond starting so young. I am praying it continues and working on ways to keep that bond going. There is nothing like a little brother!! I have two of the greatest ones  ever and I hope Brookie can say the same!

This is another one of his tricks. He chews on his nuk upside down! It is the funniest thing to watch! He will pull it out all by himself and turn it this way and chew away! It must feel good or something because he does it quite often! It kind of sounds funny as well cuz it makes a squeaky noise on his gums!

Well lets see what else is going on.. Aaron is trying to register for second semester classes already.. I am trying to train for my half marathon in February! I get worried because I don't always have to time or energy to run and I want to be able to get a good time. But Aaron and the kids are my first priority so I just run when I can and try not to stress about race day! Our friend Angie from Minnesota is coming down especially to run this with me and I am SOO excited to have a running partner! It will be a blast even if Aaron has to push me in the stroller! Aaron is doing an awesome job with his classes!! He works very hard and the reward is good grades! He is so excited to get done with generals and on to the stuff that actually has to do with his career. Monday night church league softball starts pretty soon so he is excited to play and meet some new guy friends! We are also looking for some city league baseball teams that he could play on and not take up as much time as college ball would. I know he would LOVE to play college ball but for right now he is being Mr. Wonderful and putting us first. I hope soon he can get a chance to put that arm to use but for right now I love having him around so much!!

He is the best husband ever. I know almost every wife says that, but seriously, I DO!!!!! I never really grasped it when girls said they married their best friend. He wasn't my best friend when we first met, but   he has sure grown into my bestest friend! He is so loving, caring and such a Godly leader in our family. He is always there to lend a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, turning my frowns into giggles and listening to me even if he would rather be watching football. He treats me like his princess and the kids absolutely adore him! As soon as Brooke hears the car pull in the driveway she jumps up and down screaming DADDY!!!!! Makes a mommy's heart melt. And I am sure it melts his as well.

Well, I am getting sleepy and I still need to go throw breakfast together for tomorrow morning. I have been craving french toast casserole so I am putting all my old bread to good use :)


beccarankin said...

I think you do a great job blogging. :-) A journal is how I look at mine, as well. Makes it easier. I figure it is for my record keeping and if anyone is interested, they can read, if not, oh well. Those stories were adorable.

Anonymous said...

Don't get stressed about blogging! It is supposed to a journal! For those of us that are far away, we are more interested in hearing about the daily things that are happening with you and your family, not some theatrical presentations!

I'm very glad you decided to return to blogging!

As for me and my blog, some days I feel creative and some days I don't. Mine is a hodge-podge of whatever words seem to come to mind. Plus, I'm not sure if you know this or not, but I was a creative writing major in college so I went through four years of training on how to write. That may make it easier for me when it comes to writer's block!

Your pictures are fantastic, they speak a million stories themselves!

angelakay said...

oh jana i always look forward to reading your new blogs. i love the brooke invisibility story. so hilarious! and so cute. you guys are so blessed to have such a fun and loving family! i can only HOPE to have something close to that one day! :]

and lady, we are going to have SO much fun running this half, i don't want you to stress out about it! we're gonna do awesome regardless of how fast or slow of a time we get... and we'll be SO proud of ourselves after!

i seriously can't wait to see you guys! only a few short months!

MommaMindy said...

I love reading everything you write. I think others could read your writing and feel bad about their own. :) But, I love that you learned to relax and write what comes naturally, that's actually called your "voice" in writing.

I love hearing the precious stories- like the invisible Brookie and the upside down Nukkie dude - those precious day to day stories that we miss living so far away.

By blogging, you open up a part of your world we wouldn't normally see and and warm our hearts with the love we view.