Friday, February 5, 2010

We're going to the Zoo,zoo,zoo How about you,you,you

My title for this blog comes from a cute little kids CD that Brookelyn loves listening to in the car. One of her favorite songs is one that goes like this, "Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow the zoo tomorrow...We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you." You can hear her little voice voice singing along and it brings a smile to our face. Last weekend we decided to make her dream come true and take her to the San Diego zoo. She was ecstatic! All the way to the zoo she had to listen to her song and sing along. Mommy and Daddy went a little coo-coo listening to the song but the excitement in her voice made it worth it. She kept asking us about the "Ee-Ee" (monkeys) , elephants and panda bears ( I cant even spell how she says it)

I didn't get a good picture with her next to the monkeys. She went crazy seeing all the monkeys everywhere! There was a huge orangatang cage with glass and one of the baby orangatangs was smushing his face up to the glass. Brooke ran over and was face to face with an Ee-Ee! There were way to many people croweded around her to get a picture. It would have been so cute. After a few minutes the baby went and crawled in his mommy's lap and you could hear Brooke's little voice, " OOOOOooooo Tuuuutte!! him go mommy!" 
Birds would jump the fence and walk along the path and Brooke took it upon her self to chase them down and try to kiss them!

She was thrilled to see otters!! Her favorite show right now is Little Bear and on the show are two otters. 

I was thrilled to finally get to see a panda bear!!! I read a book once when I was little about the pandas at the San Diego zoo and was determined to someday go see them.  Aaron made my dream come true and it was breath taking to see a live one so close! There were no babies this time which is my second dream, but maybe someday. Brooke made the connection that she had a stuffed panda bear and this was a real one. She is now attached to her panda bear (It was actually mine when I was little) and will not do anything without that panda by her side.

I love this picture of her lil behind :) She was amazed at how big they were!! If course my little monkey couldn't just stand there and watch, she had to climb the fence and see how high she could go. She would have crawled all the way over if I had let her. In the hallway pictured above there was an elephant movie playing. To the right all the people lined up to watch the movie but little Brookie plopped herself down right in the middle of the walkway. 

She loved crawling on top of all the big fake animals. 

I think the petting zoo was her all time favorite. She ran right up to the goats and sheep and just petted away! I should have warned her about "raisins". As I was adjusting the camera I heard a mom screaming, "DON't TOUCH THAT!!" I look up and realize she was talking to my child, ran over and shook the poop out of Brooke's hand. The mom felt horrible for yelling but I was grateful because who knows what she was planning on doing with her handful of "raisins".  I shudder at the thought. We immediately ran to the sink and washed her hands all the while she was telling everyone who passed by, " I tuh poo!" 

Brayden was my content little baby. He just chilled in his seat and stared at his surroundings. He loves to sit up and his new trick is to grab onto the seat in front of him, pull himself toward Brooke and pull her hair until she turns around and gives him attention.

I love zoos but going to them with a two year old makes the experience that much more exciting! Aaron is not a fan of zoos but he is Mr. Wonderful and braved it out and pretended to enjoy himself :) 


beccarankin said...

Reminds me of our trips to the zoo. So fun to see it through their eyes.

~ Tandis ~ said...

What a beautiful little girl you have!
I happened to notice your blog reading either Micah Haack's blog or your Mom's and thought to myself that the "Zoo, zoo, zoo" song sounded so fun. Later in the day I happened to hear my girl's cd player singing along to We-Sing-Animals, Animals, Animals and low and behold? It was your Zoo song. :) We have it too and are lovin' it.

Glad your trip to the zoo was so fun!

angelakay said...

ah! im finally catching up on reading blogs.
i am totally missing you guys even more after this one!! those kiddos of yours are just wayyy too adorable!