Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An afternoon at the park

My little Monkey's favorite thing to do is walk to the park.
Well more like get pushed in the stroller so Mommy can get excersise.
It is a wonderful park with huge grass fields.
They love to swing, slide like otters down the slide and play "My stick"
"My stick" is a game Brayden started. 
You find a big stick, run around with it and yell "My stick!!"
They love when Aaron runs around with them waving their sticks high.
Brooke's game is Dinosaurs.
They run around rawr-ing and screeching.
I love sitting in the grass watching my two, I mean three monkeys play!
 Sliding like otters
Brayden loves this white sprinkler head that sticks out of the ground. Except every time he sees it he tries to put his mouth on it.
Aaron was trying to take our girl's picture. See Bubba running towards us.
His first fist-full of smashed flowers for Momma!
Brooke loves to swing as high as she can go! She has fallen off twice but gets right back on

We run them until they are so tired they beg to get in the stroller and go home. 
After bath time they crawl right into their beds, cuddle with their lovies and go right to sleep.


beccarankin said...

Ahhhh.... I love parks for exactly the reason in your last sentence. There is nothing more fun then watching them play their way into exhaustion and fall into bed. :-) Those are great days.

~ Tandis ~ said...

Wonderful memories & beautiful children. :)