Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I know, a post from me? Shocking!

Ok I lost all interest in typing this blog but am forcing myself to. Big things are happening in our family and I must share!
Nope, NOT pregnant.
Just to clear the air.
Which reminds me, Why is that the first question people ask you as they are holding your 3 month old?!
and then proceed to tell you that they think you are crazy for having so many kids so young.
On to life in our household.
Aaron is still plugging away at college.
The big thing?
Aaron is switching Majors and transferring to a school up in Washington.
So we are loading up the kids and our stuff and moving up to my parent's.
Some of our funding for school got cut making it very difficult to live in this area.
The Lord laid it on my heart to ask Dad about moving back for a little while so we don't have to go into debt. 
Of course my gracious Pops said yes and thats that!
We are thrilled to be near family again.
Thrilled to be near support, love and friendships.
And the kids will be very loved upon by their 5 Aunts & Uncles.
Big change, but absolutely confident it is where the Lord is leading us and will be the best for our family.
I learned a lesson in this big change.
Never say Never.
every time I have ever said Never, I always end up doing it. 
For example, I once said that I would never move back to Seattle. 
Dad said give it one year.
We made it two and but Dad was still right because he knew we would eventually get homesick :) 
The kids talk about it everyday and talk about all the cool things they are going to do with Auntie Bekah. 
We are packing everything up the first week of December and leaving as soon as Aaron's last class is over. 
Love my kiddos :)
A generous man from our church gave Bubba this four wheeler. You plug it into the wall at night and it will run all day.
He cries every time he has to get off to eat or use the restroom. 
I am in a Mom's group and Brooke throws hysterical screaming tantrum fits when I drop her off in her classroom.
Has since she was little. Nothing has worked to get her to stop. 
I was desperate so I bribed her. 
If she didn't scream I would buy her a Lollaloopsie doll.
She cried a little but wiped her tears and walked in with the nice lady who takes the time to help her adjust. We will see how tomorrow goes.
Its impossible to get a family photo sometimes.

This is my favorite one!!!!! Brooke is doing her pageant girl face and Brady is just a goof.
Sweet faces.
Sad  Bubba 
Best Daddy 

                                                                             Silly Baby


nitalinb said...

So excited for you, and your family! Sounds like a wonderful plan for you. What's Aaron's new major?

The Roli Poli's said...

I knew I forgot something in this blog... He is Lord willing switching to a biology major.

MommaMindy said...

Wonderful blog! I love seeing all the pics, of course. You are such an amazing mommy!

Yes, Daddy was right, but only because he knew how much we all would miss your family.

~ Tandis ~ said...

I can't imagine how excited you are to move back near family! Yay!!!!

I totally agree with that "are you prgnant" line. Why is that people who are having kids have to keep having kids and people who don't have any, people are like all quiet around? Why must I always be prego? Haha. oh well.