Tuesday, March 2, 2010

from the mouth of Babes

Brooke has been picking up several new phrases lately. She went from speaking one word to sentences! It still takes the mommy translator to understand what she is saying but she is making progress.

- I had made a huge fruit salad for my mom's group. When Brooke saw the big bowl she asked if she could have some. I told her she could when we got home. She proceeded to jump up and down and say "MMmm good mommy!! its my faayyhhuuhh! mm, berry, mm gape, mm appul. Day-du mommy!"  I couldn't quite understand what faayyhhuh was but as I thought it dawned on me. "Brookelyn did you say this was your favorite fruit salad?" She threw her arms around me, "YEAH! mmmm day-du mommy!" (Day-du is thank you)

-I took the kids shopping the other night so Aaron could study in peace. For whatever reason I had to slam on the brakes and all of a sudden I had a back seat driver. 
"WHOAH. dareful mommy" (careful)

-"Uh do daddy?" (what are you doing daddy)

- "Mommy, Sssshhhhh"  (yes it does sound very disrespectful but I was talking to Aaron while she was trying to watch Little Bear. )

- "mommy it tittles!! Stopuh" (tickles) I burst out laughing at that one.. I didn't even know she knew what tickling was! When I told Aaron about it he said she learned it from a show they watched together called Kipper. 

"My tuuhhyy huurts" (tummy) She had her first ever flu bug and learned what it meant to have a hurt tummy. Now she says it all the time and I have a hard time knowing if she is just saying it because she learned a new phrase or if her tummy really does hurt. But lately, my tummy hurts is followed by, " I huunggy. uh eat" (I am hungry, I want to eat)

-"I sorry Mommy"

I guess she thought Vicks vapor rub would be a good face mask.. 
List of all the things Brooke has got into in the past two weeks
butt cream
toilet paper while taking a bath
eating markers
drank a bottle of Bubba's teething medicine(Thankfully it was an all natural herbal one)
chewed up all of his teething tablets (herbal as well)
vitamin E oil
tried to make her own cup of coffee ( thats my girl!!)
I swear, I don't neglect my children!!!!!!! She is a fast sneaky little girl. Oh I forgot about the unwinding of all the dental floss.

Brookelyn is our spunky little spitfire of a toddler! She keeps us laughing, crying, cuddling, spanking, scolding, praising, kissing, spanking, pulling our hair out (speaking of hair, she cut her own hair this week. thankfully it was only a little lock)  all in a matter of a couple minutes. 
My favorite new phrase

"Mommy, cuuhle wif  me" (cuddle)


MommaMindy said...

miss myuh babeez

want 'em to cuuhle wif me

angelakay said...

at least that "tuhhay huurts" puking phase is over! poor you!!

this one seriously made me laugh so hard i was crying! ohhh so entertaining! especially that vick's mask! ooh. i bet that was nice and cooling on the face! :]