Tuesday, March 23, 2010

our little Wubsies

Brookelyn seems to be getting all the attention lately so I thought I would write about our little man!  He is such a momma's boy! He loves to cuddle, kiss, taking baths, playing with Brooke's toys and making her mad, pulling Brooke's hair, and nursing. 

He is conspiring to see how long I can go without sleep... He still wakes up 2 or more times a night to nurse. I have tried letting him cry it out but its hard with a toddler and a hubby who has to wake up early.  And he eats as if he is starving so its hard to know if its a spoiled thing or he just needs a little more to eat. I have increased all his solids and he still wants to nurse! Aaron and I were laughing the other day because we increased his solids but he still nurses the exact same amount! He is our little tank. At his nine month appointment he weighed 20 pounds. He is in size 5 diapers and 18 months clothing. The 12 month clothing shrinks and won't fit over his chubby arms and legs!
He can fit Brook's pull-ups! They work amazing at night. Keep him leak free. Check out his legs! 

He took a tumble off the bed and clonked his head on a corner. He kept hitting his head and opening the wound so I had to put some tape on it so protect it. He started pulling himself up to standing position and quite enjoys the freedom. We took the kids to the park and he LOVED the swing!!!
He is crawling!  When he started off, he did the inch worm/army crawl. Now he is up on all fours moving like a crazy man.

Brooke got a hat and of course Brayden stole it. 

Very stylish, wouldn't you say?

He got his 3rd tooth. But its not the normal top tooth. Its a tooth to the side of where his middle teeth will be. I have  been trying to snag a picture but its hard. His fourth is coming in on the opposite side in the same position so he is going to have fangs! He looks so goofy.

If he is feeling neglected he crawls over to your feet and hangs on to your ankles until you pick him up. Or he will sit there holding his arms up, screaming at you until you pick him up. He is already experiencing communication frustration. He frequently screams trying to tell us what he wants. I am working on teaching him signs so hopefully that helps. Brooke loves to show him all the signs she knows. 


beccarankin said...

He is adorable. I always wanted a super chubby baby. Mine almost got there, and then they thinned out. So I'm jealous. Love the pink hat and sunglasses!

~ Tandis ~ said...

What a handsome little dude! He looks very healthy - be proud of yourself!

When Mia was 9 months old our family doctor(a nutrition specialist too) told me that she did not need to be up in the night eating any more. Mia was a skinny kid too, still is. Anyway, he firmly told me to make her cry it out and it would be good for her in the future to teach sleep habits. We did. It took 2 weeks but after that she willingly leaned into her bed for naps & nighttime. I was SO INCREDIBLY thankful because I was finally getting some sleep again.
I know how you are feeling, it is very hard but I encourage you to give it a try. You will all feel better when the crying is done and the sleep pattern sets in. :) Pray about it, God knows you need sleep.

angelakay said...

oh bubba! you are a growing boy!! such a little stud!
and those little chunker legs are the best!!

i miss you guys so much!

MommaMindy said...

How come when you're little like that you can have those monster legs and they're adorable - but get my age and they're hideous?

He is so cute, I am glad you posted pics of the little Man Cub!