Tuesday, March 23, 2010

History repeats itself

When I was younger my mother gave me free roam of the kitchen. As long as we cleaned up our mess. I love taking out her Betty Crocker cookbook and trying new recipes. The pictures of the perfectly constructed food was so appealing and I longed to recreate what I saw. One of my attempts was a lemon jelly roll. It was simple enough, if you were a patient person. I am not. I rushed the cooling process so the cake part was a crumbly mess but I still tried to get it into a roll shape. The lemon filling also did not turn out so it was a crumbly, fake lemon flavored mess! I remember being so proud of it though and thrilled that mom pretended to like it.
One of my favorite things to make was Orange Julius. We always had orange juice in the freezer so it was a perfect addition to our breakfast. Well the first time I had ever tried to make it I didn't really know how to use mom's blender. I blended all the ingredients and proceeded to try and figure out how to get the pitcher off the blender base. Instead of pulling straight up, I twisted. Can you guess what happened?? Yup. Orange Julius EVERYWHERE!!!! I think it was one of those moments Mom wanted to get mad but couldn't help laughing but didn't know where to begin the clean-up. Well you think that I would learn, but Nope! Guess what I did. I do remember to lift instead of twist now but I forgot to put the lid back on before I turned the blender on. This is the result.
I had been juicing and wanted to add spinach. Brayden was on the floor whining so I got distracted after the juice  was in the blender and you can see the results. Bubba's face was priceless as juice splashed his big ol head.

Mom I took pictures before clean-up  just for you!


MommaMindy said...

That was hilarious! If I would have told two stories about your early days cooking, it would have been those two. Except, the way I tell it, the jelly roll turned out perfectly! I remember marveling that you just opened the cook book and made this gorgeous jelly roll, so perfectly rolled up. I couldn't afford film back then, so I don't have a picture, but it is imbedded in my mind as one of my favorite memories of you as a little girl.

beccarankin said...

adorable kids and such funny stories! Cooking disasters are not fun at the time but they sure make great stories!