Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a moment to brag..

I think my hubby is the greatest at alot of things. I know thats completely biased but I adore him so I am entitled to that bias. 
Aaron loves electronics and technology. And saying he loves it is a huge understatement. I learned very early to just let him do his thing and hold in my opinions. Usually I end up agreeing that bigger is better and enjoy his electronic purchases. He never buys something without doing extensive research to make sure he is getting the best deal for his money. 
A man after my own heart! I am the bargain queen!
Well Aaron got an itch.
Itches occur on a daily basis and usually he doesn't scratch them. Some itches never go away until he 'scratches'.
This particular itch happened to be a new camera. 
Usually he has to pitch his itches and convince me why he should scratch it.
The camera got me at first sight!
The thought of capturing beautiful photos of my children without having to go to a studio made me weak in the knees, so to say.
When we got the camera I tried learning how to use it. Its fairly simple and very easy at capturing the moments I want to capture. 
But when Aaron picked up that camera...
He amazed me at what he could capture and then with just a few clicks of a mouse, edit that photo into a piece of art. 
Again, I know I am bias but you mom's all know what its like to look at photos of your darling children. All you do is sigh and proclaim they are the most beautiful children in the world!
The more photos Aaron took the more he realized how much he loved it.  Ideas just kept pouring out of his mouth and his pictures were proof. 
He decided to try some free lance to make some money through college. 
He already has 2 for sure photo shoots booked with more possible requests.
I am so proud of him.

Check out his temporary site..
Our good friend is working on the real web site and I will share that when its done!


Anonymous said...

So I'm a creeper and found your blog. and Aaron's photos are awesome! I just checked them out. and they are super cute of your babies!

Josh and Steffani said...

If you don't mind me asking, what camera did your husband get and what photo editing program does he use? I love photography and currently I have a Canon Rebel XT. I'm hoping to get a Canon 7D or 5D Mark II soon, but I was just curious what your husband has because his pictures are great!

The Roli Poli's said...

He has the Canon 7D and we love it! For editing he uses Aperture. Thanks for stopping by!

Josh and Steffani said...

Thanks for letting me know! :)