Monday, April 26, 2010

De-De for a bike

Brooke LOVES her De-De. (pacifier) I have wanted her to stop using it for a long while but sometimes its just easier to plug her up. She only uses it for naptime and bedtime so at least she doesn't suck on it all day long. Three is my cut off though. 
Brooke has been begging Aaron for a bike. (Seems she always has something she is asking her Daddy for.. I hope this doesn't indicate what she will be like as a teenager!!) Well the other day I had the brilliant idea to offer her a bike, IF, she could give up her De-De.
Well her face lit up and she ran to collect all her De-de's and hand them over. She made it two naps and two bedtimes without them! I was so impressed! She had a little bit of a hard time falling to sleep which is understandable because she had to figure out a new comfort but she never once asked for it. 
I was hoping it would last, but we went on a Saturday all-day-family-adventure and she didn't take a nap. When it came to bedtime the poor thing was beyond tired and upset. Maybe I should have let her cry it out, but she needed to be comforted and I needed peace!
I think thats why its hard for me to give up her de-de. She like the comfort of sucking on it. How can I just yank a comfort away from her? I am not too happy if Aaron takes my pillow or happens to wear the shirt of his that I wanted to wear. It is easy for me to adjust and find a different comfort but how is it possible when you are 2? I tried music. She yelled at me over and over, "I don't like it!" I tried toys. She plays with them instead of sleeping. I tried laying a spoon down by her bead as a warning. She bangs on the wall crying I don't want to go to sleep!! 
I am worried her teeth will start getting dis-formed so I know I need to get rid of it soon.
But her little eyes that fill with tears tug at my heart strings.. 
Today she took all of Brayden's de-des, put them in a bag, and told him he was was a big girl and didn't need them anymore. She proceeded to have a conversation with him telling him about getting a bike if he gave up his de-des. Maybe I won't have to stress so much and just maybe one day she will get the idea herself? I am praying so.


beccarankin said...

Oh, I feel your pain! It is so hard to take their comfort away. If it helps, the dentist told me that Karis did need to stop sucking her thumb, but her teeth were fine. Even though they did stick out a little bit. And she will be five in August. So.... breath easy. It sounds like it just might happen naturally, though.

angelakay said...

if it makes you feel any better... i'm pretty sure i sucked my thumb til i was about SEVEN. hahaha. (until it was no longer "cool" to do so...) and i was the only kid in my family who didn't need braces!! :]

jess said...

The dilema of the nuky... Ahhhh. My 2 cents - don't worry for now, bask in your peace plug, and hold out another year. She's a baby and after all, only 2. Both my ped and my dentist told me to stop stressing and jsut let them babies. SHe won't start kindergarten with a nuky. Pinky swear Jana! And you just might enjoy what could be her last year of naps in peace and quiet. At 3, we mailed, and I do mean literally, all of KG'S nuky's to the zoo - for the baby goats of course. Her teeth are just fine, she talks just fine, and I enjoyed all of her babyness to the very last drop which I wish I would've done with my other nuky babies. Makes me weepy just thinkin' about it. Take it or leave it... What ever you do, your her mama, and only you know best! Hugs, Jess

The Roli Poli's said...

Jess thank you for your advice!!! The poor little thing is clinging to me and today told me she doesn't want a bike. I think when she asks for it I will let her have it, but last night when I put her to bed she didn't even ask for it. So I will just stop stressing, and like you said let her be a baby!!
Becca thanks for sharing what your dentist said.. that was one of my biggest fears but I am not as stressed over it anymore!

MommaMindy said...

When I had to take away Daniel's Big Ol' Gween Snake, I felt horrible. In fact, I ended up sewing him another one. But, the thumb-sucking, that was different. It took years and years....I might still have a few that take a nibble at night, not sure. :)