Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Brayden loves to smile!! I have been trying to capture a picture of his smile with his little snaggle tooth. 

Finally got one!! He is not getting 3 more on top and two more on bottom.
So ticklish under his chin. Love those teeth!

My little Wubsie Bear that looks just like his Daddy. He is such a little cuddle bear. 
He pulls himself up on furniture and walks all over the edges. When you hold his hands to walk he will let go of your hands and try to walk himself. Hopefully he walks soon! He loves to eat and get into big sister's toys. He is very protective of his Mommy. He doesn't mind sharing with Brooke but watch out other babies! 
I helped out in the nursery this past weekend. The same room that Bubba was in. Everytime I held a baby in a my lap, he would crawl right over and try to push the baby out of my arms. He would crawl into my arms and continue pushing and hitting the other child. 
He still screams like a little girl when he doesn't get his way. Or when you don't feed him fast enough. 
Can't believe he will be 1 year old soon! Goes by way too fast.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Beautiful children!!
Poor little Brayden with all those teeth coming at once. :(

BuffinMuffin said...

i love his snagle tooth on top! thats the same one Caroline has coming in too. THey're meant to be...