Tuesday, April 20, 2010


When Brooke is tired, she is tired and needs her sleep! In cases of extreme sleep she finds bizarre places to fall asleep. 
Here we had been watching a movie and she crawled under the pillow and passed out. 

I love when they sleep with their little bottoms up in the air.

Aaron is stretched thin being a full time student and Daddy. Between homework and class its hard for him to find time to hang out with us and still have time for relaxing and naps.. He has gotten creative. He doesn't have the attention span or time to play with them for hours on end, but he still wants to spend quality time with them. Aaron figured out that just by hanging out in the room, Brooke is content to play by herself.
Well, on this particular night I heard Aaron conversing with Brooke and the rattle of her toys.After some time, all I heard was Brooke talking to herself while rattling her toys. I peeked my head in the room and saw this.

Poor Sleepy Daddy!

If you look closely, in his hand is a cup of delicious coffee that was so carefully made for him with quality air and an elephant for cuddles. 


Bre said...

I love Brookelyn and Aarons nap times so cute

MommaMindy said...

I need to find the picture of your Daddy napping in your room. Except, all you girls piled him high with stuffed animals!

Beautiful pics, honey!

mamalatte said...

Jana, You kids are sooooo adorable, even napping. I agree with your mom, great pics!
Barbie Poole