Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A pet for the kids..

Brookelyn has been begging Aaron for a kitty cat. Everytime we tell her we are going to go bye-bye she asks, "uh buy kitty cat?" We looked into adopting a cat. Until we saw the $135 adoption fee. and thats not including food, litter and a bed. That idea got vetoed, but not Brooke's insistent nagging for a kitty cat.
We were at  play date with some other Mom's and her little boy had a Zu-Zu pet. If you don't know what that is its a mechanical little hamster. Her little boy loved that thing and she said he carried it with him everywhere. Talked to it, fed it, slept with it. A light bulb went on it my head, but due to a mommy brain fart I forgot to tell Aaron. 
We were walking around BabysRus and Aaron saw a Zu-Zu pet and wanted to get one for Brooke. I told him to stop reading my mind so we took home a Zu-Zu pet.
Brooke named her Mouse. 
We took a box and made a house for Mouse.

Brooke took one of her prized taggies for Mouse's bed.

She decided that Mouse needed a bowl of food. Can you guess what a hamster named Mouse eats?
Bugs!! I think a green firefly was Mouse's favorite.

Rocking Mouse to sleep

Brayden crying because Brooke wouldn't let him play with the new pet. He loves to chase it even when it goes under tables. He has gotten stuck a few times.
I love this new pet.
No litter box. No food bowls that the crawling baby can get into. No fur all over my couch. Entertains the kids without fear of retaliation in the form of scratching or biting. Well their might be scratching and biting but only if my two lovely children turn on each other.
 I have always said.. I would rather have a child than a pet! Someday we would like to get a family dog. When the kids are older and can share in the poop scooping responsibility. 
For now, ZuZu the Mouse will do.

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beccarankin said...

Love the pictures. I'm now thinking about buying a couple for my kids! Karis wanted one for Christmas, but they were all sold out at the time. I might have to go get me some of those now. :-) The face on Brayden is priceless!