Sunday, April 4, 2010


I did not grow up celebrating the Easter bunny. I do remember one year my mom got us easter baskets with treats in them and we were all shocked! It was a fun surprise because we all love candy. For many years my Grandma bought me new dress shoes and hat. One Easter my dad let me wear the hat to church! I was ecstatic. 
I didn't feel I was missing out on anything because Dad always told us we should celebrate Jesus's death and resurrection everyday so when Easter Sunday came it was just extra celebrating his resurrection. He explained we didn't need candy and eggs to help us celebrate the risen Jesus. Even in my little mind I knew he was right. Besides, the idea of an easter bunny seemed absolutely ridiculous! Santa was a little bit more believable in my mind. 
I remember the first time I colored eggs. I kept asking everyone what the point was. Finally some one told me to be quiet and just have fun.  It was fun, but I still don't quite understand the point of having colored hard boiled eggs. I did enjoy my first egg hunt. Its always fun hunting for treasure. I want an egg hunt more than once a year.
Aaron's mother did egg hunts for him when he was younger so he wanted to carry on that tradition. We don't want it to overshadow the importance of celebrating Jesus but Aaron loves seeing her little face light up when she finds an egg! This year we got her eggs with play dough in them. Glorious idea. Must have been a mother concerned about giving her children a sugar high. I did get these cute little elmo eggs and put in a couple tic tacs and fake bugs. She loved the bugs!

She hunted all over the yard and when she would find an egg exclaim, Oh! Day-doo mommy!" After they were all found, she brought her (Christmas) bucket filled to the brim with bright colored eggies and proceeded to sort her loot.

I have been singing these two songs all day in awe of the Savior we are called to serve

"Jesus our King, we lift you High.
Be glorified, be glorified
Jesus our King, we give our lives
To glorify you now and forever
 Death could not defeat,
The grave could not contain
You rose in Victory
Now in glory reign!"

"Oh happy day, happy day
you washed my sin away
Oh happy day, happy day
I'll never be the same
Forever I am changed
Oh what a glorious day
What a glorious way
that you have saved me
Oh what a glorious day
What a glorious Name!"

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