Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello Again!

I have been taking a hiatus due to the lovely season called summer. I will be adding new blogs hopefully soon but until I do, please let me have a few minutes of your time!
  I have this dear friend named Angie.
Angie lives in Minnesota.
What good could possibly come from Minnesota??
Joe Mauer.
For those of you that might not know who he is.. He is the pitcher of the MN baseball team.
Angie is going to marry Joe Mauer someday.
He has yet to find out. So, to help her chances of  breaking the news to him,
She needs to get as close as possible to him.
And how would that be possible?
Throwing a First Pitch to him that's how.

I am assuming you clicked and voted.
and  now you are backing here reading.
You made me  grateful and a very hopeful Angie!
I will keep you all updated....


beccarankin said...

Can you vote more than once?:-)

The Roli Poli's said...

yes you can vote as many times as you want or have time for!! :)

angelakay said...


Josh and Bre said...

wait you actually still know how to get to blogspot ;) jk I know you have had a rather busy summer and I have only updated a few times too can't wait to see more of your posts