Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday is my Monday...

Part of the reason I haven't blogged is as soon as I click the button, "New Post",  instantly I get overwhelmed with all that I want to write about.  Or a child starts screaming the instant they hear that click. Or a hubby kindly reminds me it is way past dinner time and there are hungry tummy's to feed. Or the buzzer goes off in the laundry room. I think you get the idea.
So. I finally have a quiet minute to myself to force out a blog!
Excuse me one second while I answer my beeping phone...

Today I am feeling the Monday blues.
A couple months ago I started watching a little baby girl.
Having my own children has really ruined my Nanny instincts. I love babies but I sure love my babies more! When they are all crying I want to hold my kids but have to hold the new baby. It has been a huge adjustment and many days I just sit and cry. You don't realize how 'easy' being a Mom to your own children is until you have someone else's child in your home to worry about. I know every peep,whimper, cry, laugh, giggle, moan, groan, grunt and whine and exactly what it means. I know when they eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, need attention or just are bored
With this little baby girl I am don't know anything because I am not her Mommy!
The poor little thing is very needy. She isn't on a schedule and has some eating trouble. She cries alot.
 But. I prayed for the Lord to bring a family to our house and He brought me this little doll. 
She needs my care, love and attention.
But I am worn out!

 I don't hate watching her. I actually really enjoy it oddly enough. 
It is just really hard to take care of a baby that isn't yours.
Watching her has made me appreciate my kids so much more! I crave alone time with them. We go to their room and just spend time together! I try to play with Brookelyn for as long as I can (I have a HORRIBLE attention span for playing with children) and carry around Bubba as much as my arms will let me. 
Mornings have strangely become my favorite part of the day.
Brooke wakes up and comes running in, "Time to get up Mommy!"
From my room I can hear Bubba shaking his crib and grunting "Ou!"
It is so peaceful. No crabbies have started. No one is stressed out yet. No one is throwing tantrums. 
Like I said, Peace.
Until about 8:30.
Then it is pure chaos until the little baby girl leaves.
5:45 is my favorite time of day because her Mommy comes to get her.
The door closes, I turn around, look at my house that is a complete and utter disaster, and just smile.
We moved the kid's betime up an hour so we could have more of a break in the evening. It has worked out really well! 7:00 is my second favorite time of day.

I used to get really bored being a stay at home Mommy.
Now I CAN"T WAIT for the day I don't have to work and can be a "lazy" stay at home Mommy!
I am so thankful for this opportunity though because I can support our family without leaving the kids.
I only watch her 3 days a week.. Tuesday-Wed-Thursday
So that is why my Tuesdays are my Mondays.

I am trying to recall back to early summer to big events that might have happened..
Ah yes.. We got a puppy!
Aaron and I have both wanted a dog since we were little kids. We really wanted one that could grow up with our kids but didn't have the means for a long time. 
An amazing deal came up for these adorable rottweiler/pittbull puppies and Aaron was instantly smitten! Rottweiler has been his dog of choice for a Looooong time.
We picked her up and took her home with us.
Both kids were thrilled!
I was a little nervous because to me raising a dog and child are very similar.
But Aaron did his research, started training right away and made those first couple weeks with a new puppy a piece of cake!
I remember the first night in her kennel she was crying and of course my motherly instinct kicked in so I started worrying about her. 
But we knew we couldn't take her out of her kennel because she had to learn to sleep there.
Her poor sad baby cries were too much for me!
I went in the kids room to look for something. I didn't know what yet. 
And then I got this spark of an idea to grab a big stuffed animal. 
I put it in the kennel and instantly she cuddled up to it and went to sleep!
One of my favorite memories :)
We named her Bella.
It means beautiful in Italian.
I wanted to name Brooke that because we spent most of Brooke's pregnancy in Italy but Aaron didn't like it.
As soon as I held the little puppy I knew the name would fit perfectly.
She is beautiful! God's creation is amazing.
First day home.

She is MUCH bigger now but I don't have the pictures on this computer. I think Aaron said she is already half her size. She is the best doggy. Still very hyper. Her middle name is Jon. If you know my brother Jon you will understand why we named her that ;) 
She loves the kids and is so gentle with them.
Of course we think she is the Smartest, Most beautiful, loving loyal dog.
But hey, I also think that my children are the BEST children in the whole world.
I'm their Mommy!

Ok a baby is screaming so I must end..
Hope your Tuesday is filled with the joy of the Lord!

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angelakay said...

yay! i love when you return to blogging! i just love your stories...
and isn't it funny how easy we can gain new perspective on our life situation?? like having another child to watch... makes you appreciate you being a stay at home mommy with YOUR kids all the more! it's always interesting how life throws us little curveballs just to not take things for granted, or more so just to have a newfound appreciation for what we might just be so used to and has become the same old same old. :]

and really, your kiddos ARE the best.
i cannot WAIT to see them this winter again... they're gonna be so grown up! and i can't wait to meet the pooch!!