Monday, September 20, 2010

Proud Mommy of a BIG GIRL!

The morning of Brooke's birthday, she announced to me that she was now a big girl.
That was a shocker because for the past couple of months in a sad moan and pout lips she would say,
"I not a big girl Monny, I a baby"
I asked her if she wanted to trade her De-De's (paci) in for a bike. 
She jumped up and down screaming,
"YYYEeSSSS!!!! I uh big girl! I uh big girl!!"
I was very skeptical but since she was finally on board I prayed, and prepared myself for the battle.
We went to Target, picked out her bike and came home.
Bedtime came.
She started getting really sad and stressed. 
We read Bible stories, prayed and cuddled. 
When she would ask for her De-De we would say if she had it, she would have to bring back her bike.
To my complete surprise, she said 
"No! I want my bike!"
It took about an hour to get both babies in bed sleeping.
But I couldn't believe we stopped the pacifiers just like that! 
The next day naptime was a little rough but only took a half an hour.
Bedtime was the same.
We had a really good day and then she found a Deet and wanted it back.
 Back to bad nights but it gets better each time so I am not discouraged!
 When she wakes up she makes sure to tell me that she slept with no De-De.
I am really glad I took some other Mom's advice and waited til she was ready.
Sure made the transition a whole lot easier.
I am happy and excited she is growing and learning but every new step is a reminder she isn't my little baby anymore.
She is my big girl that is growing up way too fast!

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