Monday, September 20, 2010

Bubba Dumps

Funny nickname, huh?!
We don't really know how it started.
Well the Bubba part started because Brooke couldn't say baby when I was pregnant.
All she could say was, "Bu Bu"
He has been Bubba, Bubbas and Bubbs since birth.
Lately though he goes by BubbaDumps, Dumpers, Dumpies, DiapyDumps... etcs..
Typing this it sounds way gross!!
But when you see this little face, Bubbadumps seems to fit him perfectly for some strange reason!
I have been putting him on the potty here and there because I am determined to have him potty trained before he is 2.
I refuse to change 2 year old diapers.
He has gone #2 a couple of times so he is at least comfortable with sitting there.

He has been walking like a big boy since he was 11 months old. 
Now he is running!
He is a bruiser.
I have never seen his head or legs without scars, bruises, scratches, bumps..
His skull must be made out of steel because if it wasn't I am sure he would have brain damage with the amount of times he smashes his head!

He is a very finicky eater.
He must be a texture person because he goes through moods where he loves big boy food and then other days all he wants to eat is baby food.
He loves to sneak to Brooke's little table and eat all her food before she gets back!

Brayden hates his baths.

He cries and cries when I make his bathe with Brooke. 
He is a cry baby!!! He cries all the time and usually for no reason.
He will be happy one minute and in the next something will happen to upset him so he cries.

When he wakes up from a nap Brooke runs in yelling,
"My Bubbadumps! hewwoo!! I wuv you! You wan some toys?"
She grabs every toy she can and throws it in for him.
Poor guy usually can't move there are so many toys, but it keeps him happy!

Like the big bruise on his head and cheeks?
 He loves to cuddle.
He will cuddle with anyone. And I mean anyone!
If Mommy or Daddy can't hold him he runs around with his arms up until he finds someone to cuddle with.
If there is no one, he cries until one of us picks him up!
He loves playing in the dog kennel. 
Bella is so gentle around him and just makes him giggle like crazy! 
The two make an interesting pair.
Bubba pulls, pokes, scratches and hits poor Bella but she just sits there and takes it.
They love chasing balls together but Bella is faster so she grabs it first making Bubba scream like a little girl until she drops it for him. 
When Bella is in her kennel, Brayden opens all my drawers, pulls stuff out and slips it to Bella to chew on. 
If Bella whines enough to him he will open up the kennel and let her out.

This is a picture of when we first got her but it show the start of their relationship!

Brayden can say a few words.
Daddy (of course!) football, (again, of course!) Hut Hut, all done, he can say Mommy but refuses to and cracker.
He an say enough where we know exactly what he wants.
Completely opposite of Brooke because she didn't talk for the longest time and we never knew what she wanted! 
We taught her to sign which really helped so we tried doing it with Bubbs.
Yeah, that didn't work so well.
He finally just now figured out how to sign more the correct way. 
(I have been working on it since he was a couple months old!)
He is either being stubborn or inherited my poor hand eye coordination!


beccarankin said...

He is adorable!

~ Tandis ~ said...

What a super cute little dude :)

MommaMindy said...

Gramma loves her little boy! Can hardly wait to hold him.

HeathBar90 said...

haha This is the cutest blog/kid ever! Actually I'm a little biased towards little girls, so I'm secretly thinking brooke is a tad cuter!

My favorite part is how Bella gets tired of his screaming and drops the ball for him! Maybe I should try that one on my dog!

Rachel said...

I love reading your blog Jana!!! :-) ITs so great to keep up with you guys from Sunny FL!