Sunday, November 21, 2010

sad sad day...

This new little baby already has a bone to pick with me.
He or She has insisted I drink NO COFFEE.
WHAT?!?!! you might be asking.
Jana not drinking coffee??
It is a sad day.
The smell makes me sick to my stomach and if I taste it I get the dry heaves.
I guess the blessing is that I cut out caffeine easily.
I usually stop all caffeine when I hit my 3rd trimester so the baby is born with no addictions.
I don't know if a baby can really be born with a caffeine addiction but if they can be born with other addictions, and coffee is very addictive, I assume its better to be safe then sorry.
If I can eliminate as many things as possible that reduce a screaming crying newborn, count me in!
But seriously, only 7 weeks in?
I started going to bed at 9:30.
To replace coffee I am going to go buy some yummy tea. 
I have been drinking this pregnancy one that really helps morning sickness.
In other news,
Brayden is now in a toddler bed!
He was getting very restless and crabby in his pack n play so we moved Brooke to an air mattress with pink sheets and she is quite thrilled to have a "big girl" bed. 
I do not feel like buying a real bed right now. I am going to wait until the new baby is ready for the toddler bed and then buy the older kids a bunk bed.

I think this week I am going to tackle potty training.
Anyone have any tips for little boys?
I have NO idea where to even start.
Do I make him sit or stand?
Naked or underwear.
oi. It overwhelms me but he has shown several signs that he is open and willing so I need to take the plunge.
Prayers and tips would be greatly appreciated!


Josh and Bre said...

That is my kinda baby no coffee... though i don't know how brayden will feel about that he really seems to like stealing your coffee :) though i better be careful or it will be just my luck that when i get prego my baby will like coffee and i will become addicted to it lol

gracemelinda said...

ouch. no coffee? that's painfull. They make tea out there that tastes like coffee, but doen't have all the caffine. You should try it, good stuff. Mom has it so you could ask her what the name is if you are interested. love you!

MommaMindy said...

They can't stand to pee if they can't hit the poddy. I always had short boys and trained them before 2, so they HAD to sit, with the pee shield, of course.

I also used unders. If they feel the discomfort of cold, wet undies, they train faster. They had to know there is a downside to going pee pee somewhere other than the poddy.

Above all, lots of patience and praise! If other nations train newborns, I know he can do just fine.

beccarankin said...

That's funny. I don't drink coffee, but love the smell. As soon as I'm pregnant I can't stand the smell! It's one of the best indicators that i'm pregnant. :-) Good luck on the potty training. :-)

~ Tandis ~ said...

If you have switched him to a new bed and begin potty training at the same time he may resist something in there and become stressed out. Hopefully he does it easily for you though while you're not feeling well.

Careful with your tea, some teas have quite a bit of caffeine in them.

Your blog title scared me at first. I thought you were going to say you were having complications already. We know someone who delivered a stillborn this week and I'm easily freaked out I think. :) Praise the Lord it's ONLY coffee!! :)

The Roli Poli's said...

Tandis that is a really good point about doing too much at one time. I think I will wait til he is completely adjusted to his bed. He still hasn't mastered it completely so thanks for pointing that out!

I did know that alot of teas still have caffeine. Some even more than coffee! I am going to do some research and find some fruit and herbal ones that are caffeine free.

~ Tandis ~ said...

I figured you knew that about tea :)
I thought I'd make sure though since I just recently discovered a friend that did not know that and ups her tea drinking during pregnancy.

I'm sorry you're off coffee though. I so enjoy my one cup a day throughout pregnancy. Just think of how good it will be when you can start up again? We'll need a blog and a photo and a full description!!! :)

angelakay said...

yeah your blog title scared me TOO i thought something really bad happened.... not to undermine the whole no drinking coffee thing, because i know that would be devastating for me too! :]

hang in there! baby is worth it! i try to wean myself off my caribou and drink tea too... i'm never successful for long though! haha!

miss you guys SO much. lets skype soon!

happy thanksgiving!!!!!

Jill said...

I agree with your momma on the undies.

I've been doubling them up and putting 2 pairs on Eddy- that way when he does wet them, it has usually kept the outside pair ok.

Plus then he gets to pick out 2 to wear!
I think we are making headway training him. If only we could get the #2s down.... :-(

Anonymous said...

Time for a blog update?

Alicia said...

What Tea are you drinking that is helping with your morning sickness? I am trying to find something to help me!!!

The Roli Poli's said...

Alicia are you pregnant?!! Congrats if you are!! The tea I drink is from Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea. Their mother's milk one is really good for after birth.