Friday, December 10, 2010

Glued to the couch

I didn't realize it had been so long since I updated this blog.
Sitting down just made me realize I haven't even blogged about our trip to Seattle. 
Which was a month ago.
But then again,  I just did the laundry for the first time since the trip so I guess blogging wasn't the only thing ignored.
*My children always had clean clothes. I have to wash their's about every other day.
Hopefully this holiday break will give me a chance to catch up.
Why so lazy you ask?
Morning sickness.
For a while all I could eat was what sounded good which meant no cooking and alot of eating out.
That is kind of ok because we are bargain hunters even when it comes eating out and we try to still eat healthy when eating out.
But it got to the point that our cupboards were completely bare.
Thankfully right at that same time I had a small break from the ickiesickies so I planned a bunch of meals and went shopping.
For several days I made amazing (if I do say so myself) food and was very proud of myself for being a real housewife again.
And then this week happened.
I don't really feel icky but I can't eat.
Several times this week I would put food in my mouth only to immediately spit it out and walk away from the table. 
Another strange thing this week, my couch seemed to have grown a huge magnet. 
I can't get off the couch! 
The kids have been wonderful.
Except they have started fighting with each other. 
That is a new one for me.
Brayden will pull Brooke's hair. Brooke will push Bubba. Bubba screams and runs in for the attack. Brooke swings her arms and sometimes makes contact.
Brooke is quite the independent 3 year old. She is really trying hard to be a  big help and loves 'cleaning' her room.
(She shoves it all into one bucket or a corner)
Brayden is still attached to me like he's 6 months old. 
I think he might have jealousy issues when the new baby comes.
Speaking of which, every person that Brooke talks to gets told that Mommy is having a new baby and its a girl and her name is Maddewyn.
(We don't know what it is yet as I am only 10 weeks)
I found this really cool app for the Ipad that shows a picture of the baby at every week so we can watch it grow.
She loves checking on the baby and commenting on how tiny it is. 
When you ask her when the new baby will come she says this summer in a very matter of fact way.
One thing that has helped me feel better is running or going for long walks.
I want to try to run as long into the pregnancy I can and then when I get too big just go for walks.
Which reminds me...
I need to go for a quick run before the kids wake up from their nap.
more updates coming soon!!!
I need so see what photos or videos I need to post cuz I know I have alot!
Have a good weekend!


MommaMindy said...

Don't feel bad about sitting on the couch so much, someone has to keep it secured to the floor! :)

Yes, we love hearing Brookie tell us every three minutes, "Mommies gunna hava bAbEE." We are all so very excited! Praying for health and stamina.

Kjersti Eilers said...

I agree with your mom... don't feel bad about being a couch potatoe. It's only for a short while before you start feeling better. I'm telling you all of this because I'm reinforcing it all in my mind for when I get pregers with number 2 : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Jana~be patient...sounds like this babe wants to make its' presence known big-time!!! I sure miss you, Aaron and the babies. Give them all a big huge from Grandma Denise.

Love ya all...

angelakay said...

SO fun catching up with you guys for a bit the other night! I miss you guys so much!!

Kayce said...

Pregnancy is no easy task! Just make sure you take care of yourself and that peanut inside of you - couch or no couch :)

jess said...

So sorry you're feeling the ickies. Hopefully they'll be gone soon? I'm a bit of a later bloomer, but most gals feels better by 14, so I hope you are one of those lucky ladies!
And don't feel bad about the couch, I think my indent is still there if you look close. HA!
And enjoy eating out while you can with just 2 little ones. It gets more expensive when they eat more and you have to multiply your order... so just saok up this stage knowing it could be different in a few years.
YAY for running! I haven't done it since training for my 5k. I miss it and willltry again this week. I think my body was pooped. I ran until 38 weeks with Austin and you're tiny like I was back then so maybe you'll be able to do that too...