Sunday, December 19, 2010

oohh Brookelyn

We are still struggling with Brooke waking up dry. She hates wearing diapers but her little bladder cant even make it a couple hours. Last night she took her diaper off while still awake and woke up (in the middle of the night) soaking wet. We were talking about it this morning and the convo went a little like this

- " Brookelyn, Mommy needs you to be a big girl and stop wetting the bed"
- "But Mommy I don't wike my diaper"
-"Ok, then you need to learn to wake up and go potty. 
-"mmm... (scrunches her nose) I can't"
-"Then leave your diaper on so you don't soak your bed"
-"Well, (forming a mischievous grin) at least my diaper is dry!"

   A phone conversation with Grandma Mindy

"Hi Gwamma! Mommy is going to hava baaaaby! 
Its a girl and her name is Maddewyn.
Gwamma, Mommy cwied all day long.
Daddy was naughty. Him spank Mommy.
Him go to him room and scweamed!
*disclaimer- Aaron has NEVER spanked me nor does he yell at me*
Gwamma, Santa is going to bwing me presents.
Snow coming to our house.
We decowated the whole house."

"Mommy I just talked to Beka on the phone and we need to buy jellies and cheeses. (talking on her cell phone) Oh hi Beka! Whats your number? Oh! 121? ok!"

"Mommy I wan a lil sisster so bad! How about twins Mommy. Is that ok?"
-"Well God already decided Mommy just needed one baby in my tummy."
(After explaining to her how the little baby will grow and make my tummy really big)
"Mommy I have wittle baby in my tummy!!! Its going to get real  big and poke you. Can I have a baby Mommy?"
-"Not until you are a big big girl"
-sigh. "I want to be a big girl. My arms are going to be so big! I can't wait for my hands to be so big!"
silent pause.
"No I don't wanna be big. I wike being wittle"
-"Why do you like being little Brookelyn?"
"Cuz I like dressing myself and I like eat."

(As she is watching me type some of this blog)
"Mommy what you saying?
MOMMY! I know what you saying... I don't like it.
Ugh be quiet I am trwying to write. Mommy say d-r-y-z."
-"What is that?"
"Its from our house, or from the neighbor"


beccarankin said...

Oh my.... you have your hands full! Thanks for sharing all of that! You gave me my chuckle for the day. I love how they are such little grown ups!

MommaMindy said...

Me wants Bwooklyn to stay wittle, too. Me wuvs her so berry much.

Andrea said...

She sounds like so much fun!!! ps I want to see belly pics :) Hope you are feeling well

~ Tandis ~ said...

Hahaha! What a cute, busy & creative little girl.

angelakay said...

hahahahaha ohhh just LOVE this.....let's skype again soon!! i'm home for a few days and I think my mom would love to see the kiddos!! she just loves the stories I tell her about Bubs and Brooke!