Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh the weather outside is... sunny?!

I must say it was wonderful waking up to news articles about the loads of snow Minnesota is receiving and then I received my daily weather alert saying it was going to be 80 today!
Made my day start off smiling :)
The kids are outside right now soaking up some sunshine and having play time with Daddy.
With a few quiet minutes I thought I would get another blog in.
Aaron took some good photos of the kids enjoying the sun so I thought I would share a few.

Brooke has five shirts on in this picture.
"Cuz I need some"

This is old news but the kids finally got their first haircut.
Brooke was 3 and Brayden was 1.
I loved his little curls but people were starting to think he was a little girl.
Brooke's hair was all the way down past her waistline.
I took videos of them getting their haircuts.
Brooke sat fine because she was watching a show,
Brayden screamed and cried and jerked his head.
I wouldn't make you suffer through it!
here is a pre-haircut picture tho

I must say though it doesn't really feel like Christmas around here!
Alot of our neighbors put up pretty Christmas lights and outdoor decorations.
The kids love driving by or walking by very slowly to enjoy the sparkling lights.
Another reminder Christmas is around the corner,
Christmas cards are coming in the mail!
I love receiving them so keep on sending them to me!!! :) 
I am getting on the ball today and start making mine.
I am going to make mine on Shutterfly.
They have this WONDERFUL holiday promotion where if you blog about their wonderful services you receive 50 free photos!
I used Shutterfly all through high school and even printed my grad photos through them!
I love how they have many different options of what to choose from.
I also liked some of THESE styles so I think it might take me awhile to pic one that I like.
Just a warning,
my Christmas cards and letter will probably be more like a Happy New year letter so maybe I should just skip the Christmas and do THIS.
Oh another really cool thing that Shutterfly does are these awesome picture books.
As a graduation present, or maybe it was an I miss you present,
my best friend made me a photo book with tons of pictures of us!
It was like a scrapbook without all the hard work.
My kind of deal.

I need your address!!!! 
Please be so kind and to email your address.


Alicia said...

what is your address?? I haven't sent mine yet. my email is

love your blogs (:

Alicia said...

oh and P.S.
I LOVE your new Family Pic on top! absolutely beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Brooke is looking very much like a little lady! I love the bow atop her head! And, I see we're making another Twin's fan! I'll make sure to bring all of my twins shirts when we finally get out to visit...we'll take a group photo in all of them..haha

MommaMindy said...

What adorable kids. So glad you blogged again with lotsa pictures. It keeps us from getting so lonely. Love you so much! You are an amazing Mommy.

angelakay said...

i just cannot get over how grown up they are!! its like a few months passed... and they just totally GREW!! holy smokes! LOVE the pictures!!

~ Tandis ~ said...

Brooke's 5 t-shirts are funny!!!
It's 80 there and she puts on 5 and during our blizzard here on Sunday my girls appeared wearing shorts and t-shirts. Funny little girls.
Beautiful pictures!!

How are you feeling these days??