Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Belated Christmas

When Toy Story first came out we lived on a farm.
Mom had renovated on old chicken coop into a really awesome play house.
I think Dad was out of town because Mom said we could haul the big TV out there and have a sleep over.
Whenever I think of Toy Story I am brought back to those happy memories.
The movie is pretty great too because I always imagined that my toys came alive when I left ;)
We were quite thrilled that Brooke loved the movie just as much as we did!
She watches it every time we let her watch a movie.
When Aaron was in finals week, we promised Brooke that when it was over we would have  pizza and movie night to watch Toy Story 3.
She sat and watched that WHOLE movie.
It was so cute to see her giggling and really enjoying the movie.
Bubba ran around and played.
He can't sit still for more then 3 minutes.
After the movie she proceeded to get her little Elmo and a small polar bear.
She informed me that they were Buzz and Woody.
She went screaming down the hallway,
(To infinity and beyond)
I really wanted to get her a Buzz and Woody for Christmas but good luck going shopping the day before Christmas!
I got her something small and hoped she wouldn't realize Bubba got more presents.
Thankfully our dear friend sent her a Barbie that stole the show and made me feel less guilty.
The other day at the mall we walked past the Disney Store.
Brooke loves going in there so I use it as a reward sometimes.
She loves looking at everything and they usually have a movie playing.
Anyway they happened to have a sale and guess what I broke down and bought her?!

She was SO THRILLED she was jumping up and down screaming! 
She then ran through every aisle screaming
She was too excited to eat lunch and insisted on taking them to bed for nap.
Seeing the joy in her face made it Aaron and I feel like kids again.
She carried them all day pretending and imagining. 
(In the movie Andy asks his mom which one he can bring and then he has to choose one.)
Brooke keeps coming up and asking
"Mommy which one can I bring? Oh, just one? hmmm.. Im sorry Buzz."
This is how I found her eating her dinner.

Do you like her choice for a table cloth? It is the rug for my kitchen...

When I tucked her in for bed I heard her talking to Buzz,
"Are you comfy Buzz? Do you have comfies on your feet? (Socks) Lets cuddle"
Brooke told me this morning,
"Mommy, I just love my Jesse"


Josh and Bre said...

oh brooke is so cute with her buzz and jesse!!! and even though barbie stole the show on Christmas you stole it back with buzz and jesse :) can't wait to see her again!

MommaMindy said...

Now Beka wants a Jesse doll...

angelakay said...

can we please watch toy story 3 when I come to visit?! i stinkin' LOVE that movie!!

ahh! I feel like everytime you post new pictures of Brooke and Brayden that they have just grown up SO much more!!

jess said...

Sophie thinks she's Jesse right now. Really... She won't answer to anything else, but Jesse. It's kinda funny and annoying all at once. Love their imaginations though...