Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A get-away

Aaron finished up his last final last semester, came home and announced we were going somewhere for Christmas to get away.
Sadly, the little girl I babysit got Bubba sick the day before Christmas Eve! 
Poor guy was pretty miserable too, so we just stayed home.
On Monday,  Brayden just so happened to have a check-up and it turned out he had a double ear infection.
We decided the best thing was to just stay home until he got better.
That took about two weeks!
At the end of it we were going stir crazy but I had to start babysitting again.
The week dragged on.
Thursday was my last day of work and it was a very stressful day.
Crabby babies, the little girl was STILL sick, I had morning sickness and my kids were very needy.
Aaron saw the distress in my eyes and told me, get packed we are leaving as soon as work is over!

I can pack fast by the way.
You all are familiar with my Mom, and her lists and organization.
If you aren't familiar, go HERE and see some of her ideas!
She has rubbed off on me and it has made for a very efficient life with two crazy children.

When work was over we put the kids in the car and left town.
The kids watched Toy Story 3 on the Ipad the whole way leaving us a nice two hours of quiet.
We got to our hotel and the lady ended up giving us the room for $55! 
I know prices shouldn't really be in a blog but I am still shocked at the good deal, and you know me and good deals!
We immediately all got our suites on and went swimming.
Well, more like all sit in the HUGE hot tub they had.
*Clarification- I did not submerse the belly. But oh it was tempting to crawl all the way in! 
It wasn't that hot so the kids enjoyed climbing in and out.
We all went to bed very early and ended up sleeping in.

Well, 7:30 is sleeping in for us now! 
When Bubba was sick he was up 6.
The next morning we took advantage of continental breakfast and swam some more.
We sat in the room for a while just hanging out.
This is Brayden playing with the Ipad. He is his father's son!

Then they started getting restless and cranky so we went to go find a park.
Brooke named this Dinosaur "my friend Isa"
Bubba climbed up and down the steps
Brooke gave me an almost heart attack watching her climb this thing. But I kept my mouth shut and let her try. She made it to the top safely!
Brayden enjoyed wandering around.

The yellow bars must have invoked some thinking in both of the kids.
Palm Springs is beautiful with mountain right in the background and palm trees literally everywhere. 
We came here in the summer to go up the mountain and show the kids snow. 
This time we just wanted to enjoy the warm sun because we are sick of the cold!
After the park we ate lunch until we were so stuffed we all needed naps.
After naps more swimming and then I got a craving for Mexican food.
We drove around for a long while but finally found somewhere to eat.
Ok just remembering that food is giving me craving... 
Anyone want to go out to Mexican tonight??
(hint hint AARON!)
The next morning Brooke skinned her elbow on the way to breakfast.
If you haven't been around Brooke much, let me explain her.
She was hysterical and throwing huge tantrums.
We went to the store to get some bandaids hoping that would help calm her.
I really didn't want to discipline her but it was getting to the point she was being naughty and not in pain.
As you can see in this picture she was protesting the new bandaids.
Aaron stepped in and disciplined her and in a few minutes we had our happy Brooke back!
After one last swim, we packed the car, stopped at  Burger King to fill my craving for french fries, we headed home.
Brooke learned how to put her face in the water. She and Bubba both let us take them underwater and show them how to swim. We are highly considering swim lessons for our little fish!
About 10 mintues into our trip home I turned and saw this.
Passed out!
We all enjoyed this vacation so much, not even the kids were ready to go home!
Sometimes a little break from normal life is needed.  


Anonymous said...

This sounds wonderful! Jason and I should have done this while he was on break. :( Oh well, maybe this summer before we move.

Josh and Bre said...

oh what cuties i can't wait to come see you guys

MommaMindy said...

I loved all the pictures. It was like I was there on the trip! So glad you had a wonderful time. I love creating memories for my family.

angelakay said...

oh i'm so happy for you guys that you were able to get away for a while!! I absolutely love all the pictures! it looks so gorgeous in palm springs... ah to live there, right?? I know I keep saying this, but I just still can't get over how grown up those kiddos are! Bubba is going to be a tall boy just like his dad! I can tell!! And Jana... I hope that when I'm pregnant someday I can look as GREAT as you! I'm dead serious.... you will have to tell me your secrets when that day (if ever...) comes along! :]

can't wait to see you guys SO SOON!