Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My little man cub

Bubba loves to eat.
He will eat all day if you let him.
Sometimes he eats so much that if he bends over he pukes a little. 
Its hard to tell when he is full or just eating for fun.
The other night  Aaron and I were craving wings so I made two kinds.
Spicy and BBQ.
I didn't think the kids would eat the BBQ ones but I didn't feel like making two meals so I thought we would give it a try.
Brooke didn't really like the idea of getting her hands and face dirty so she had me pick her chicken off.
Brayden grabbed that wing and went to town!

I think he ate 5 or 6!! 
And then proceeded to lick the sauce off his fingers.
He picked those bones clean too.
I'm sorry Mom if these pictures are giving you anxiety! 
Ask my mom someday how she feels about kids feeding themselves :) 
Lets just say she turns away when I feed my kids! 
Poor Grandma.

Brayden has a new nickname by the way..
We have no idea why but thats what we call him.
And we just had a check up for him and he is only 4 pounds behind Brooke! 
Brooke is 30lbs and Brayden is 26lbs.
He has chronic anemia so we are trying to get that figured out. 
Other than that he is healthy and happy and leaving more baby behavior behind in favor of big boy/toddler behavior.
Which means his terrible two's have started.....


Josh and Bre said...

bubba is so cute I am the opposite of your mom and love when kids feed themselves lol. I think it is so cute when they get it all over themselves but who knows if I will still feel the same way with my kids lol. I love that he even licked his fingers clean

Andrea said...

My mom is the same way. She doesn't like it when kids feed themselves!!! Funny how our moms are so a like :)

MommaMindy said...

You know me so well! I was just cringing as I saw the pics of his face and fingers and trying not to let it bother me....then I read your apology and laughed out loud!

He is adorable, even when he has food all over.

beccarankin said...

I love the picture of her running up and down screaming that! What a cute story. I haven't had the girls watch Toy Story. I might have to put that on sometime. :-)

~ Tandis ~ said...

Wait just one second... Your Mom? Mindy? Mrs. Pelteir? The same wife of that guy that speaks at Jr. High camp doesn't like kids getting messy when they eat?????? Somehow that cracks me up. I thought that you loved anything baby? Hehehe. I thought that I was the ONLY one that couldn't stand the mess of little people learning to eat properly. Well, this summer '11 at camp we'll see if your Mom eats with our family at all as we'll have a 6 month old... ;) Love ya Mindy.

Jana ~ Hehe, since this is your blog... :) He's TOO cute chowing away on his chicken. My husband would be giddy with excitement if this was one our our kids.
I agree with you too, don't make an extra meal for your kids. Give 'em what you eat and make 'em try a few bites. We are spicy food lovers and our kids are beginning more and more to tolerate and enjoy the same food. We LOVE this but we wouldn't know it if we didn't just feed them what we eat.

Rachel said...

I just love your posts Jana!! You make me smile :-)