Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trouble makers!

The other night Aaron was helping me get some laundry done.
If I didn't have him I don't know how I would get through these hormones!
Our laundry machines are in the garage.
I guess that is normal for CA because the houses are all so small.
It was nice and quiet and Aaron was asking why we didn't do this more often.
He went on to brag about how the kids we getting to that age where they didn't need constant supervision and it was nice being able to sneak away for a couple minutes.
We went back inside, Brooke was playing on the Ipad and Bubba was wondering around.
I was in the bedroom putting stuff away when  I saw Brayden's front side.
I literally screamed.
and then grabbed the camera.
My mom taught me well.
I was so focused on what I saw here that I didn't scan the room to see what else he had done.
He had dumped out my whole make-up bag! 
I still don't know how he got it but he did.
Thankfully I don't buy expensive make-up or I would have been more upset.
That is mascara all over his belly by the way and a tube of eye shadow in his mouth.

Pointing to the mess he made....

And two days before BROOKE had gotten in my make-up and came out of the bathroom with dark eyebrows and glitter everywhere.
This is her and her bowl of "pickled peppers"

She likes to sneak off, climb in Bubba's crib and have a session with a De-de.

We went in to check on them one night and found her like this.
That is her pillow case on her legs.
The two of them hanging out in a bucket a baby clothes. 
Notice Brooke once again has managed to find a De-de.
My kids like to get in my kitchen and destroy it.
Or get into the fridge and spill milk or juice.
Or open containers of yogurt and finger paint.
My solution was to put this gate up.
As you can see, Brayden doesn't like it too much.
On a happy note,
We finally had success and Bubba used his potty for the first time! 


angelakay said...

i literally burst out laughing at the pictures of Brayden with the makeup all over him!! It seems to me last year a little girl did the same thing with permanent marker right before I came out that way too! I think they must just be channeling their excitement for my visit in that strange sort of way?!?!! Hahaha JK! So funny.

And random...I think I used to sleep with my legs in my pillow case too every now and then when I was little! It was like a mini sleeping bag!

Such cuties. I always get excited when I see you have a new blog up! Yeeeee!

MommaMindy said...

Long before I ever had grandkids, I always would mutter, "vengeance is grammas." I always knew my grandkids would do everything to my kids that they did to me.

It is just as cute the second time around. Maybe I should go find some old pics to compare notes...

~ Tandis ~ said...

So much for a peaceful laundry session. :)

kathy said...

Hey Jana! So nice to hear from you. We were so surprised to turn around and see you at the chapel in CA when we visited. It encouraged me to hear you say you prayed for JoAnna's little girl. And you were SO like your hospitable mom in offering your house to us! I have been praying for you......that our LORD will guide your family ..... And that you can find SAHMs to fellowship with. We will watch and see what the LORD will do. Let's keep in touch...thanks again for your kindness. PS. Enjoyed reading about your kiddos.....they keep you busy!! .... And are so cute.

MommaMindy said...

We keep coming back and looking at the pictures. Beka laughs and laughs and laughs. We really, really miss the troublemakers.

Anonymous said...

Jana----it's time! Give us an update! :)